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What is OpenVPN And Why It Is Important? Open VPN download 2022

OpenVPN is open-source software, that is to say, free to use, that allows the secure connection of local network resources, from remote locations, using public internet connections.

What is OpenVPN?

For example, in our company or office, we have computers, mail servers, accounting, printers, etc, that are connected to each other in what is known as a LAN network, and we want to have access to them from a remote place, but we have to do it from the Internet.

When we want to remotely access these computers or services, we can use free services like TeamViewer, however, as these platforms are public, they are susceptible to being continuously attacked and compromised. For this reason, Open VPN APK allows you to create an encrypted connection, that is, when it is intercepted during its journey through the Internet, it cannot be easily read, only when it reaches its destination is the code to decrypt said content known. That is why these types of connections are generally known as secure tunnels over the internet.


Open VPN download

Open VPN download


What is OpenVPN for?

OpenVPN allows access to a company’s local resources from another location. In this way, the following uses can be had: Access to remote services or equipment of the company, from the employee’s home, another office or from the cell phone.

Each user has a unique open vpn certificate that identifies them from others and can be revoked at any time. Connect two local networks of the same company using their internet channels. This connection is not on-demand, as is the case with a user who connects from home. It is established from machine to machine and remains active all the time. For a telecommuting scheme, having a VPN allows a person to work from home, having all the company’s tools remotely, including their telephone extension, email, corporate chats, business websites, internal applications such as SAP, CRM, ERP, etc. It allows access to local web portals of the company so that workers who travel constantly have access to them to register or consult information. It can be used on various platforms, whether on Windows, Linux, Android, iOS, to make remote connections to local networks.

Open VPN free

Open VPN free

What advantages does open vpn offer?

Among some advantages that we can name about the use of vpn free: It is free software, so it is continuously updated and improved by the developer community. It has no cost for the purposes indicated in its GPL license. That is, you cannot charge for the software as such or for its use.

The OpenVPN server is installed on Linux operating systems, which implies a cost reduction in the purchase of hardware and software licensing. There are open vpn clients for Windows, Linux, MacOS, iOS, and Android. Local resources are accessed through a secure SSL tunnel, using the Internet to exchange information with remote connections.

What do I need to implement OpenVPN?

To implement OpenVPN, the following elements are required:
  • 1. OpenVPN server: It is a machine with basic characteristics, with a Linux operating system, where the open vpn service is hosted to encrypt communications and give access to certified users. Generally, you need two ethernet network cards to allow communication to the internet and to the local network.
  • 2. OpenVPN Client: It is a program that is installed on the remote machine, together with the security certificates, to establish the secure tunnel from there. Clients are found for different operating systems as indicated above.
  • 3. ISP router configuration: In the router of the internet operator, it is necessary to give access to vpn free connections. This is usually done by asking the ISP to configure the port forwarding service on the router, for port 1194 UDP, to the local IP address of the openvpn clien server. Or if we have a public IP available, a NAT configuration is requested towards the OpenVPN server IP. OpenVPN does not support the IPSec protocol, which is used as a standard in many proprietary VPN solutions, such as Cisco. However, thanks to its OpenSource nature, its adoption has been growing in many devices in the industry. Today it is very important to protect our information, allowing remote access by insecure or vulnerable applications, puts us at risk of loss, theft or kidnapping of information.
OpenVPN server

OpenVPN server

That is why when our company needs remote access, the option of a openvpn clien VPN is included, in order to guarantee a secure and encrypted tunnel for this data exchange. This is where OpenVPN plays a very important role, thanks to its ease and low implementation costs.


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